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Best Hospital for Kidney Stone Treatment in Chennai

If you are searching for the best doctor for kidney stones near you. Dr Rathoon’s is a leading kidney stone hospital in Chennai, located in Annamalaipuram.

Comprehensive Kidney Stone Treatment at the best Hospital in Chennai

We at Dr. Rathoon’s Hospital are aware of the suffering brought on by kidney stones. Our committed team of professionals provides individualized care and cutting-edge treatments to help you successfully manage kidney stone-related problems.

Our Approach to Kidney Stone Treatment

Our skilled urologists can precisely identify kidney stones and determine their location using cutting-edge imaging methods such as CT scans and ultrasounds.

Therapy choices: Based on your requirements, we provide a variety of therapy choices, such as:

Medication: Medication may be administered to help dissolve or pass the stones naturally, depending on the kind and size of the stone.

Lithotripsy: This non-invasive technique breaks big stones into little pieces so that they can be more easily passed by using shock waves.

Surgical Removal: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) or ureteroscopy are two surgical techniques that may be advised for bigger stones or those causing significant symptoms.

Preventive Care: Following a successful course of treatment, our staff offers thorough advice on dietary adjustments, lifestyle modifications, and hydration to avert the development of kidney stones in the future.

Why Choose Dr. rathoon's Hospital?

Knowledge: Our urologists have extensive training in the diagnosis and management of kidney stones, which guarantees our patients the best possible results.

Advanced Technology: To provide accurate and efficient care, we make use of state-of-the-art tools and methods.

Compassionate Care: We put the comfort and well-being of our patients first, providing support and direction all along the way.

Patient Education: We think that arming patients with information regarding kidney stones, prophylactic measures, and aftercare for long-term health is important.

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Kidney stones shouldn’t stop you. Make an appointment at Dr. rathoon’s Hospital to begin your journey toward a life free of stones. Our group is available to assist you at every stage.

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  1. What options are there for treating kidney stones?

The size of the stones, the patient’s general health, and other factors all affect the available treatment choices for kidney stones. Medications, lithotripsy (which breaks up stones with shock waves), ureteroscopy (which removes stones using a scope), and surgery are common therapies for large or complicated stones.

2. Is treating kidney stones painful?

Given that most treatments are carried out under anesthesia or with the use of painkillers, the treatment itself is typically not uncomfortable. Prescription medicine might help manage any discomfort or mild pain that may be encountered throughout the healing process.

3. How much time does recovery take after treatment for kidney stones?

The length of recovery varies based on individual characteristics and the sort of treatment taken. following therapy, patients can return to their regular activities in a few days to weeks, but it may take several weeks for them to fully heal, particularly following surgery.

4. When treated, are kidney stones likely to recur?

Kidney stones can indeed return, particularly if preventative steps are neglected. To monitor kidney health and prevent stone formation, patients are encouraged to maintain hydration, eat a balanced diet, and see their doctor frequently.

5. Which factors put one at risk of kidney stones?

Dehydration, specific medical diseases (e.g., hyperparathyroidism), family history, dietary factors (e.g., high intake of oxalate-rich foods), and specific drugs are risk factors for kidney stones.