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kidney Stone Laser & Supportive Treatment in Chennai

Dr. Rathoon’s kidney Hospital provides supportive care and kidney stone laser treatment in Chennai, ranging from guided management to surgical removal.

Comprehensive Kidney Stone Supportive Therapy | Kidney Care

We specialize in providing kidney stone Supportive Therapy in its entirety. Kidney stones are a painful and debilitating condition that can be challenging to live with. Our mission is to help you manage and overcome kidney stones. We achieve this by offering effective treatment solutions along with compassionate care.

Kidney stone symptoms

The size of the stone and where it is located in the urinary tract can affect the symptoms of kidney stones. Typical symptoms consist of:

  1. intense discomfort in the lower abdomen, side, or back
  2. unpleasant urination
  3. Urine with blood in it
  4. vomiting and feeling queasy
  5. Urge to urinate often

If you have any of these symptoms, you need to get medical attention right once to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Approach to Kidney Stone Laser & Supportive Therapy

Kidney stone Laser & supportive therapy is approached holistically at Dr. Rathoon’s Hospital, with an emphasis on both short-term symptom management and long-term preventive measures. Among our offerings are:

Pain Management: We provide a range of pain management strategies, including non-invasive methods and drugs, to assist ease the agony brought on by kidney stones.

Medical Management: We may suggest drugs or treatments to help dissolve or allow the passage of kidney stones, depending on the kind and size of the stones.

Nutritional Counseling: Our specialists offer tailored nutritional advice to assist you in making decisions that lower your chance of developing kidney stones.

Hydration Therapy: Avoiding kidney stones requires adequate hydration. We emphasize to our patients the value of maintaining proper hydration and provide hydration therapy when necessary.

Lifestyle Modifications: We collaborate with you to pinpoint lifestyle elements—such as nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction—that may be linked to kidney stone development and to create plans for effective modification.

Follow-up Care: Following the first session, we continue to provide supportive therapy. We follow up with you and monitor you continuously to assess your progress and modify your treatment plan as necessary.

Get Started Today

Retinal calculi should not be a barrier to living life to the fullest. To get your kidney stone supportive therapy started on the correct track, schedule a visit with Dr. Rathoon’s Hospital right now. Your well-being and health are our top priority.


  1. Is kidney stone supportive therapy painful?

Reduction of kidney stone pain and suffering is the aim of kidney stone supportive therapy. While there are precautions made to reduce pain and guarantee patient comfort throughout the process, certain operations or interventions may cause slight discomfort or transient side effects, depending on the treatment strategy.

2. What can I anticipate from a kidney stone supportive therapy consultation?

Your doctor will review your medical history, examine you physically, talk to you about your symptoms and concerns, and maybe conduct diagnostic tests to determine the state of your health during a consultation. You will be able to work with your provider to create a customized treatment plan, ask questions, and discover more about available treatment options.

3. How is kidney stone laser treatment performed?

Using a scope, a tiny laser fiber is introduced into the urinary system during the process. The kidney stones are then targeted and broken up into smaller pieces by laser radiation, which enables them to either be spontaneously evacuated or, if necessary, removed using additional treatments.

4. What should I expect during the kidney stone laser treatment procedure?

To ensure your comfort, you might be given sedation or anesthetic before the treatment. The kidney stones are broken down throughout the treatment by carefully aiming the laser at them. Afterward, you could feel a little uncomfortable or have some urinary symptoms, but these are usually transient.

5. Is kidney stone laser treatment painful?

Because anesthetic or sedation is used during kidney stone laser treatment, the majority of patients report only mild discomfort. Urinary symptoms or moderate discomfort are possible after the treatment, although these are usually treatable with medicine and go away in a few days.

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